Wild Woman Walks Here


What is a wild woman?

A wild woman has a way about her.

She is connected to that raw, wild, feminine spirit that emanates out from everywhere! Maybe she sucks it in unabashedly from her wild woman roots below her toes!

She walks wildly. She talks wildly. But always she is true.

She lives myth and I don’t know what that means just yet but maybe after I read a couple books I can tell you.

Myths are something I have been interested in since introduced to Joseph Campbell many years ago.  I still have yet to finish The Power of Myth.  But I can feel that there’s answers for me there.  I started reading Women Who Run With the Wolves when I was pregnant… both times… but I was more interested in the stories themselves than in her interpretations of them.  Now I want a book that is full of these stories!  I want to read them to my children, especially my daughter, and see for myself if they really do hold the answers on how to walk the path of life!  I don’t know where or how to find them.  I would love to become a story teller and pass on these stories keeping them alive.  I would collect them like stamps, or glass figurines and take them out whenever I had company, or someone asked my advice. “Let me bend your ear for a spell…” I’d say, and reach back to our ancestors for help in telling the tale.  Myths are mystical, and demand more than one person to tell them.  I may be the only voice, but I would certainly not be the only teller!  If anyone is out there reading this, I urge you to share with me your myths and together we will tell whomever will listen.

Maybe somewhere in these tales is the answer to my question on what a wild woman is.

I so long to become one.

I feel lost not being one.


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