MLK Day 2012 — Planet LePlante


I also have a dream. I dream of living in an earth sheltered earthship of my own design in a beautiful semi-secluded bit of land in central Cali. I dream of an artists retreat, community, collective that rivals Hollywood. I am tired of a few rich fat cats telling me what I want to watch, what I want to listen to. Those hollywood blockbusters, the top 40? There are so many stories to be told, songs to be sung. And not just here but all over the world! Artists need to be able to stretch their legs with freedom! They need to be inspired by other artists. Collaborate!  mPainters, sculptors, actors, writers, photographers, successful and just starting out — they can all benefit from working with each other. Creating projects that are truly original, one of a kind. I have a dream of a world entertainment industry not run by a few but by many, not selective but open and free, bound only by the viewing habits of the entertainable. I dream of a public that enjoys being entertained and enlightened.

But I digress, I dream of building a retreat of earth-sheltered studios for people of all artistic backgrounds to come together, have access to all the best state of the art technology and each other. I dream of a place where artists of all backgrounds as well as both successful and just starting out can collaborate, try new things, stretch their wings in a safe environment, teach and be taught.

But really, I have a dream of being green/eco-friendly and being surrounded by artists who, like me, can not help but create.  For what is a world without art?


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