Say it Loud! Censored!

I have often been encouraged to shut up. Sometimes I say things that make other people uncomfortable…for whatever reason. I usually came to the conclusion that the awkwardness was due to the fact that I didn’t know what I was talking about and should shut up or risk looking really foolish.  As if for proof, I heard other people who didn’t shut up, heard the ridicule by those who were clearly in the know, and never wanted to risk the shame of ignorance. Two things: 1.) Why should fools be so lucky!  They get heard, they get schooled, they get to decide if they were right on the first place. 2.) Many doing the schooling are fools themselves.To me the best part of any article or post is the comments section.  It’s the place where the ideas are happening! Where ideas are being exchanged!  It’s the life of the article!I rarely comment. I don’t agree with everyone. But I usually learn… something.I’ve always been a bit outside the box but just enough inside to pass. I know my true place but I don’t like being lonely.  I sympathize with those even more outside than I am. I try to help them out even if all I can offer is a smile.   I know it helps.

But I digress. The thought of being censored before I’ve had a chance to speak…miserable, I would be miserable. Now I have a choice, with censorship I wouldn’t even have a voice! One day I hope to get over my fear and speak out. I’ve learned about keeping my mouth shut but maybe I should also learn to be a fool. Use it or lose it!


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