The Wolf Connection

The Wolf Connection


Coincidences mean you’re on the right path.

― Simon Van Booy, Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories


1/6/2016- Coincidence?

So these coincidences just keep right on coming. I saw a post today from one of my witch groups of a wolf. It reminded me of a summer I spent in Florida with my brother and his wife. I discovered a connection to wolves, Timber Wolves, although to this day there’s no logical reason for it. Apparently, on a recent trip to that same town, our mother vehemently denied the trip!  It was such a great summer for me, one of those summer’s where nothing happens but everything changes- those coming-of-age summers. I was lucky enough to have two of those. The fact that my mother denies it ever happened speaks volumes about her.

 Was she subconsciously attempting to sabotage my personal growth?  Maybe that is why I had two summers and not just one. It speaks of her capacity to, in her mind, change events as they actually happened.

It speaks of her devious ways- I’ve always believed the reason I came back home that summer was because she knew she would miss me too much, however, instead of just admitting that fact, she decided not to hold up her end of the deal financially. Or maybe she just didn’t want to fork over the money. Perhaps a part of her knew how much I might grow living with my brother and his wife and her family. I grew so much during that short time and her denying that summer also denies that growth- also not a coincidence.

Funny, but as I was writing this, I remember that my SIL said that we were in St. Augustine, Florida. I currently reside on San Augustine way, and get this, I call my husband Augie, a pet name based off a name his father once wanted to name him. I wonder what, if anything, that means?

Ralph Smart is the name of the fellow who inspired me the other day and continues to do so. I’ve watched several of his videos so far  and ideas are bubbling. Ideas about my own websites and videos. Or something. It’s still not clear, but I know I should continue on this path and see where it leads me. I’m apprehensive and excited!


About wildwolfmomma

I was born and raised in Nor Cal. I had aspirations of becoming a famous Hollywood actress. I never thought I would get married. I never thought I would have children of my own. Now, I have a great husband and three miracles! I dream of opening my own artists community and living in an earth-sheltered home... in Carmel-by-the-Sea!

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  1. The comment about your mother touched a nerve with me. So often we get these mushy memories of our mothers and try not to remember mean-ness some of us have dealt with from our mothers. But i guess we are all mean at one point or another.. Hope you are having a god day today! c

    • Thank you Cecilia! You know it’s funny you should say that because I have so many wonderful memories of my mother! My childhood is filled with them! At the time she seemed to me to be gilded in gold! Learning she is a flawed human being was a terrible shock, especially since it ultimately meant I had to let her go for my own sake and for the sake of my new family.

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